Guji Guji – a very special duck

The story begins with a crocodileegg that lands in a ducks´nest. Out pops Guji Guji- a small crocodile that becomes raised as a duck. Mother Duck doesn´t care that Guji is different from the other young ones. They are her children and she loves them all, just the way they are. Problems arise when Guji Guji meets two big crocodiles. They declare that Guji is a bloodthirsty duck-eating crocodile – just like them! Guji Guji is a tale about differences and similarities, love, friendship and thinking for yourself. Freely adapted from the book Guji Guji by Chih Yuan Chen (Taiwan).


“Multi-layered children’s theatre about identity” ” A joyful journey with plenty of music, singing and dancing”

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“Daniel Goldmann’s motion-based directing and Jörgen Aggeklint’s effective theatre music create a dramatisation that becomes, more or less, a mini-musical.””We learn to appreciate our differences and to challenge the things we take for granted.”

Karin Helander
Karin Helander/ SvD

“This is so good I keep forgetting it´s a childrenshow”..” The kids are sitting like meerkats, still , silent, and observant. Enchanted”
” A tribute to Chih Yuan Chens book/…/and an accolade to imagination, humour, and the unlimited art of mime.”

Joakim Clifton Bergman
Joakim Clifton Bergman/ MinstEnGångiVeckan

”What a wonderful experience! Taiwanese kids loved the show!”…
”The music was sensational, and the actresses were very well trained.
Every department of the show was all to the point.”

Harn Shen
Francis Shen / If Kids (Taiwan)

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Trailer (Swe)

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